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Probiotics 101: Everything you need to know

We sometimes worry about bacteria, but in fact, our gut bacteria are essential to the proper functioning of our body. You have over 100 trillion microorganisms in your intestinal tract – that’s ten times the number of cells in your entire body!

Keeping bacteria balanced

While there are good bacteria and bad, most of the bacteria in your gut are beneficial. The key is understanding the difference between the two, and knowing what you can do to help keep the balance.

The benefits of probiotics

Probiotics are essentially good bacteria carefully selected for their positive impact on health when taken in adequate amount.

Getting more probiotics in your diet

You can get probiotics in pill or powder form, or by simply eating foods that contain them, such as certain yogurts and kefirs.

Activia probiotics

What makes Activia such a good choice for your gut flora is that it contains B.L. Regularis. In fact, Activia probiotic yogurt contains more than 1 billion of these probiotics per serving. You can choose the variety you enjoy most, like Activia PlainActivia Immune System, or Activia Lactose Free.

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