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Activia Gut Health Toolkit for Health Professionals

Activia's Gut Health Toolkit is a pioneering platform dedicated to empowering health professionals with the knowledge, tools, and resources to help educate and guide their clients and patients towards good gut health. Our meticulously curated toolkit offers an extensive array of materials, including scientifically-backed information, interactive guides, and practical strategies, all designed to enhance your practice and client outcomes. Unlock the potential of probiotics and the science of gut health to foster well-being, and lead your clients on a journey to lasting health. Discover Activia's commitment to gut health education today, and elevate your practice to new heights.

Scientific Information

Dive deep into the world of gut health with Activia and Danone's century-long journey of innovation and research in the field of probiotics. This section offers an extensive look into the scientific backbone of our commitment, showcasing the rigorous studies and breakthroughs that have placed us at the forefront of probiotic research in foods like yogurt. Whether you're looking to bolster your knowledge or provide evidence-based recommendations, here you'll find the foundational science that supports every serving of Activia.

Health and Wellness Information

At the heart of Activia yogurt is the exclusive probiotic strain Bifidobacterium animalis lactis —a testament to our dedication to gut health. With over 18 clinical studies and three decades of research, this section highlights the tangible benefits of incorporating Activia into dietary routines. 

Client and Patient Education Resources

Empower your clients and patients with the knowledge and tools they need to understand the pivotal role of gut health in their overall well-being. This segment of our toolkit is dedicated to enlightening individuals about the gut's influence on both physical and emotional health, providing them with actionable insights to make informed health decisions. Utilize these resources to illuminate the path towards a healthy gut flora and, ultimately, a healthier life.

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