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What's going down in your digestive system

Get to know your gut, inside and out

The inner workings of your gut can be a lot to understand, but when you break it down into smaller pieces, it’s much easier to understand what your insides are made of.

Open up

Your mouth is where it all begins. Digestion starts with chewing and your saliva enzymes breaking down your food.

Down the hatch

When you swallow, your food moves down your oesophagus to your stomach.

Mix and mash

The muscles in your stomach mix up the food with acids and enzymes to break it down.

Absorb the goodness

A final cocktail of digestive juices from your liver, pancreas and gallbladder makes it easier for the villi cells that line your small intestine to absorb nutrients from the food.

Extract extra energy

Billions of beneficial bacteria living in your intestine get to work on anything your digestive juices miss — helping you extract more energy and nutrients.

Chuck out the trash

Any matter that makes it to your large intestine is waste your body can’t digest.

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