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Intro to Probiotics: Behind the buzzwords

Bacteria, microbiota, microbiome... all the terms you need to know to become a gut health pro


Mini microbes and tiny single-celled organisms.

Some are good and support our bodies. Others cause diseases . Guess which ones we like.


A species of Y-shaped bacteria that loves your guts.

You can find them there naturally.

And in many fermented products, like Activia.

Which means you can boost their numbers in your gut by eating our probiotic yogurt products.


Rotting done right: think recomposing over decomposing.

Like turning milk into yogurt, or cabbage into kimchi.

When bacteria, yeasts or other microorganisms break down sugars and carbohydrates into different acids, gasses or alcohol.

We use a unique 6-hour natural fermentation process, at a body-temperature replicating 37°C, which helps the probiotics in our products thrive.

Gut Microbiota

All the bacteria and microorganisms that live inside your digestive tract.

You have at least 1 000 different species inside yours.

And the composition is as unique as your fingerprint.


Bacteria with benefits.

They’re alive. And do you good beyond just providing nutrition.

From the Greek and Latin “for life”.

You’ll find billions living inside every Activia product.


All the microorganisms that naturally exist in a particular environment.

This could be in your whole body, just in your gut, on an animal, or on a plant.

Bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeasts… if they’re alive, they’re included.

Eating Activia probiotic yogurt is a great way to keep the good ones in your gut in balance.


Just like a microbiota… but with added genetic material included.

Scientists often use the two words interchangeably.

But nitpickers know there’s a little more to it.

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