Probiotics 101: Everything you need to know

August 15th, 2018
probiotic benefits

Bacteria may sound like a bad word, but the truth is our bodies are made up of bacteria. In fact, you have about 100 trillion gut bacteria cells in your intestinal tract – that’s ten times the number of cells in your entire body!

Keeping bacteria balanced

While there’s good bacteria and bad, most of the bacteria in your body is beneficial and could help your digestive system. The key is understanding the difference between the two, and knowing how to balance them to benefit your gut.

The benefits of probiotics

Probiotics are essentially another word for good bacteria, and can help you achieve a balanced gut by changing the composition or metabolic activity of your gut bacteria.

Like tiny little superheroes, they swoop in and fight off bad bacteria, restoring balance. Here’s a look at all the ways probiotics can help save the day.

Getting more probiotics in your diet

You can increase your probiotic intake by taking supplements, or by simply eating the right foods. Yogurt, kefir, bananas, whole grain breads and honey all contain pre and probiotics, making them good choices for your gut.

Activia probiotics

What makes Activia such a good choice for your gut flora is that it contains B.L. Regularis. In fact, Activia contains more than 1 billion of these probiotics per portion. You can choose the variety you enjoy most, like Activia Plain, Activia Drink or Activia Lactose Free.

Take the Activia Challenge

Even small steps can make a difference. The Activia Probiotic Challenge is a 14-day commitment to making mindful choices. It’s simple: enjoy an Activia twice a day for 14 days. Day by day, use your challenge as a stepping stone towards establishing long-term healthier habits.

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