Activia Shot Probiotic Drinks Lactose Free Raspberry

probiotic yogurt drink lactose free raspberry

Smooth on the taste buds and easy on the tummy, this easy to grab-and-go probiotic* yogurt gives you delicious raspberry flavour minus the lactose. Drink up and enjoy!

*With more than 109 CFU Bifidobacterium lactis per serving, a probiotic that contributes to healthy gut flora.

Nutrition and ingredients

Skim milk, Water, Sugar, Cream, Raspberry purée, Acacia gum, Skim milk powder, Corn starch, Natural flavour, Lactase, Active probiotic culture (Bifidobacterium lactis CNCM I-2494) and active bacterial cultures, Black carrot juice (for colour), Lemon juice concentrate.

probiotic yogurt drink lactose free raspberry

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Tell us about Activia Shot Probiotic Drinks Lactose Free Raspberry

September 24, 2019 -
Taste great and helps you feel better
Been using these along with chia drinks for a while and my stomach feels a lot better in comparison to a year ago.
September 16, 2019 -
Love the taste
I drink it all the time
September 11, 2019 -
I went to see my GI doctor recently and came out with a diagnosis of SIBO and severe gut dybiosis. I knew I had to make a change. Having an Activia Probiotic drink daily has completely restored by gut function! I could not be happier with the results
September 11, 2019 -
Amazing taste and results!
I love the lactose free probiotic drink. As someone with limited options due to lactose, this product has really helped me achieve a full balanced breakfast and is a great snack to enjoy on its own as well. I love the smooth texture and taste! Yum!
September 10, 2019 -
I love how yummy this drink is, and the fact that it's lactose free is so important considering I am lactose intolerant. I love that Activia came up with a product to help me with gut health and its a great part of my breakfast.

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