Activia Plain Plain

activia plain yogurt

Simplicity and softness is what Activia Plain probiotic yogurt offers. 100% natural source ingredients, a creamy texture and more than a billion B.L. Regularis that contribute to your gut flora health.

*With more than 109 CFU Bifidobacterium lactis per serving, a probiotic that contributes to healthy gut flora.

Nutrition and ingredients
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Skim milk, Ultrafiltered milk, Cream, Skim milk powder, Active probiotic culture (Bifidobacterium lactis CNCM I-2494) and active bacterial cultures.

activia plain yogurt

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activia plain yogurt
December 03, 2019 -
Excellent flavour and texture
activia plain yogurt
December 03, 2019 -
Smooth and non bitter taste
I don't like drinking milk so I had a hard time finding a yogurt that I didn't mind the taste and texture so I could get the benefits of having calcium and probiotics in my diet.
activia plain yogurt
December 03, 2019 -
Less sugar!
I use this product to make our family smoothies, and I love that it has less sugar than flavoured yogourt.
activia plain yogurt
December 03, 2019 -
So versatile
Activia plain yogurt is creamy and delicious. It is so versatile; it can be eaten with fruit or granola; used in cooking; used for baking; and to make dips.
activia plain yogurt
December 03, 2019 -
Excellent product - creamy and delicious.
Activia Plain is my top yogurt of choice. Despite the fact that plain yogurts can be difficult to adjust to, I find that the creamy, smooth texture and not-too-strong yogurt taste makes this product very palatable. Very good with fruit or granola!
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