Activia Lactose Free Vanilla


"Softness" and "comfort" are words that come to mind when we think about vanilla. With more than a billion B.L. Regularis per portion, Activia Lactose Free Vanilla probiotic* yogurt is the perfect snack for your taste buds and for the health of your gut flora. All that, lactose free!

*With more than 109 CFU Bifidobacterium lactis per serving, a probiotic that contributes to healthy gut flora.

Nutrition and ingredients

Skim milk, Ultrafiltered milk, Cream, Sugars [sugar, caramel and fruit juice (for colour)], Water, Modified corn starch, Gelatin, Natural flavour, Lactase, Active probiotic culture (Bifidobacterium lactis CNCM I-2494) and active bacterial cultures, Vitamin D3, Annatto (for colour), Malic acid. Made with vitamin D fortified skim milk.


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Tell us about Activia Lactose Free Vanilla

September 19, 2019 -
Taste as good as it is for you!
September 19, 2019 -
Fantastic Product
I have a severe milk allergy and this is the only yougurt I can eat. It is Lactose free and Vanilla is a super delicious flavour. Keep up the good work Activia!
September 19, 2019 -
Love it
September 19, 2019 -
rubi rein
My go-to late night snack
I usually get so scared to eat at night but when I’m craving just a small snack before sleep having the lactose free activia yogurt leaves me satisfied and it gives me no trouble when I’m ready for bed.
September 16, 2019 -
My kids love this and we all eat it as a family.
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