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Activia 0% Vanilla probiotic* yogurt is a perfect snack that you can also enjoy as a dessert... fat free! The perfect mix to please your belly!

*With more than 109 CFU Bifidobacterium lactis per serving, a probiotic that contributes to healthy gut flora.

Nutrition and ingredients

Skim milk, water, cane sugar, modified corn starch, skim milk powder, milk protein concentrate, gelatin, natural flavour, pectin, active probiotic culture (bifidobacterium lactis CNCM I-2494) and active bacterial cultures, stevia extract, locust bean gum, sodium citrate, malic acid, calcium lactate, vitamin A palmitate and vitamin D3. Made with vitamins A & D fortified skim milk.


Lots of great flavours to choose from


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Tell us about Activia Fat Free Vanilla

June 13, 2019 -
Elizabeth Dundas
Five star.
Very tasty and good for you with loads of probiotics.
January 22, 2019 -
Owen hewitt
Great Product
We tried activia 0% fat because it had the lowest calories etc. And also because we had heard it was a good tasting product. We didn't expect to like it as much as we had others because of the low sugar. But, it is great and now we eat it every day!
January 21, 2019 -
Perfect for diet
It’s a pretty good yogurt that contain a lot of minerals.
January 18, 2019 -
Liz Mary Brzozowski
Yummy yummy to my tummy
After eating it for 3 days straight I noticed the difference in my bloating. Will continue eating it every breakfast.
January 18, 2019 -
Marilyn Gerald
Soooo Good
Love the taste and look forward to my morning treat of Yogurt after my exercise. Mixed it in with a bit of cereal today for a change and yesterday had it in a smoothie. It is sooooo good.
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