The one-minute trick to firm your abdominal muscles and gain inner calm

The challenges and demands of daily life mean that cultivating a strong sense of poise, physical and mental, is a top priority. While longer fitness routines at the gym are ideal for gaining strength and reaching your next milestone, some days time is limited, and a quick, effective workout is in order. Luckily, this one-minute workout is a powerful way to challenge all of your major muscle groups and help you achieve firmer abdominal muscles. A staple in pilates and yoga routines, the "plank" is a great option for a full-body workout that can be achieved in very little time. If you’ve got only a minute to spare, this can be an ideal way to use it.  


Perfect your plank

Get down on your hands and knees. Position your feet close together and bend down to rest on your elbows, positioning them directly beneath your shoulders. With your forearms against the ground, you can either lay your palms flat or join your hands together. Now, keeping your head and spine straight, gently lift your stomach at your core. Maintain this position for one minute. This full-body workout is guaranteed to increase your strength, posture and poise.