Get In Balance - Become Well Organised

Veronique, 50, is an urban mother of three (16, 18 and 20 years old) who works as a Business Director in a digital start-up. Between family and work, her goal remains having time for herself. Below, she shares her story.

"Being 'well' organized doesn't exist — either you are or you are not. For me, I have a full time job with a lot of pressure, a partner and three children; so I really don't have the choice: I must be organized if I don't want my life to be hectic. My big secret is to accept to 'waste' time to save more time. I have learned, sometimes at my own expense, that to carefully read the instruction manual, which can seem a bit tedious, allows me to understand much faster how this new equipment works. Spending time preparing for a discussion with a client or a meeting decreases by half the time this will actually take, as well as making it considerably more effective. Reading a recipe from beginning to end before jumping in to prepare it prevents aggravation and getting upset...
Before taking on any task, whatever it is, I always ask myself, absolutely always, what is it that I want to do, how am I planning on doing it and how much time do I need.
To answer these questions, I must take into account how much energy I actually have at this moment. This allows me to see if this is realistically the best time to get this task done or should I, perhaps, put it off to a more suitable moment. This is contrary to military organization: I find my way of proceeding is reassuring and ultimately gives me a lot of freedom. The more organized I am, the more peace of mind I have and the simpler it is for me to make time for whatever comes up unexpectedly, for something fun or for even the real luxury of a moment of doing nothing."