9 Ideas for Wholesome and Balanced Family Breakfasts

Balanced breakfasts are always a priority for you and your family, however busy the day or the demands that may lie ahead. But with early meetings scheduled, alarms ringing, and kids to bathe and dress, it can be challenging to make weekday breakfasts moments of calm family time and wholesome food. Sometimes, you have to get creative to ensure your youngest family members eat a good breakfast before heading to school. 

The easiest way to get your kids motivated to enjoy breakfast is to make it seem a bit like a game: one they can participate in, so they “feel more like grownups”. Get them involved: let them help butter the toast, set the table, or spoon out muesli and yoghurt into bowls. Another trick is to add colour and humour: arrange fresh fruit on the kids’ plates in the shape of their favourite animals, for example.


A big favourite with kids, you can sneak in buckwheat flour into the batter to make them more nutritious, and save time in the morning by making batter ahead of time. It can be kept in the fridge for up to 48 hours. To make wholegrain pancakes more appealing, add blueberries or other fruit to make “faces” in them. 

Homemade muesli

Combine oats, plain nuts and dried, unsweetened fruit (raisins, apricots, prunes, apple, etc.), and a dash of salt for delicious homemade muesli. It’s especially flavourful and nutritious served with yoghurt.  

Hot porridge with fruit

Wholesome, warming porridge only takes 15 minutes on the hob or 5 minutes in the microwave. You can add banana and honey or apple and cinnamon for a morning treat that kids will really enjoy. Favour steel-cut oats over instant porridge, which is over-processed and often filled with added sugar. 

Eggs on toast or muffin

Whether poached, scrambled, or fried in a bit of olive oil, eggs are a great option once or twice a week if your children prefer savoury breakfasts. Serve on wholegrain toast or on an English muffin. 



This crumbly baked treat makes for a substantial and delicious breakfast, especially when served with fresh fruit on the side. Add in raisins or dried apricots for natural sweetness and extra fibre.
Peanut butter and banana on toast
Kids generally love peanut butter—and on wholegrain toast, this is a nutritious, protein-rich breakfast that will keep their energy levels up. Banana adds potassium, and you can let them make amusing faces on the toast with slices of it. 

Rice pudding

Creamy, delicious, and a good source of calcium, rice pudding is a treat that kids will love. For additional nutrients, add fresh fruit like ripe peaches or blueberries if they’re available.  
Fresh fruit and yoghurt smoothies
Packing an ideal combination of protein, vitamins, and calcium, fresh-fruit smoothies mixed with plain yoghurt are an ideal and easy breakfast that children generally appreciate. Depending on the season, you can try banana-orange, mango-strawberry, or pear-kiwi-blueberry—kids love variety, after all.