The Fruit in Activia

The Fruit in Activia

Activia® is available in a a range of fruit flavours and styles, including smooth premixed fruit flavours and layered yogurts with fruit pieces. 

Danone sources fruits from nearly 20 countries around the world, and everything about the fruit is closely monitored. From how it’s grown and when it's picked to how it’s cut, prepared and stored, we ensure it meets exacting standards. 

From field to cup, it’s a meticulous process. The fruit is harvested, the majority picked by hand, then washed before it’s peeled and shaped to be either chunky or smooth. The prepared fruit is combined with other ingredients and the preparation is then stored in controlled conditions, to maintain its nutritional goodness and taste. This preparation is then added to the fermented milk to create Activia®. 

We have more than 1,000 recipes for Activia® to satisfy over 70 national palates around the world. From strawberry, which is sold globally, to acai berry in Japan and papaya oats in Brazil, we make sure we use only carefully selected ingredients in our products to complement Activia®’s soft and creamy texture.