Live InSync

When you’re connected to your inner strength, drawing from your unique experiences. Everybody has a different way of feeling it – what it is to live in sync. Because nothing is better than being yourself.

Women InSync

Discover the stories of these talented women to find out how they harnessed their greatest potential to accomplish their personal goals.


Dee's story

British solo sailor, world record breaker

Ingrid Silva

Ingrid's story

Brazilian ballerina, making it in New York

InSync with Marie Kondo

Find out how organizing consultant and author Marie Kondo applies Japanese principles to feel more in sync every day.

Marie Kondo introduces us to the life-changing magic of tidying up, insisting that the objects around us can spark joy – if we know how to deal with them. Her simple method of organizing and balance is sweeping the world, and now Marie Kondo shares her insights on how to live InSync in our new InSync book, which will include your stories of living InSync, too.


Meet 9 Canadian women who tell us what Live InSync means for them

Sharing that special feeling of whole mind, whole body, whole spirit – working in perfect balance.